Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birthday Inspiration!

Today is the first of May, which marks the beginning of my birthday month!  Throughout my 4 years at uni, I've had some really lovely birthday parties, so this year is particularly special as it'll be my last uni birthday, sad times...  I'm going to share my plans and inspiration for my 22nd on here, starting with a look at the highlights of my last few parties.


My 19th birthday was pretty great because I lived in university halls of residence, which are (presumably) designed with parties in mind - each flat has one massive kitchen/living room, six bathrooms and a huge and comfy hall space to sit in!

I decided to have a casino themed party, and me, Tetley and my flatmates Jen and Laura sat up into the night painting enough giant playing cards to go right around the room. Laura and I had an exam at 9 the next morning, we clearly had the right priorities back in first year!

Here are some of my favourite photos of the night, I think everyone is looking pretty dapper:

I especially love this one, Will is having a good time!

Everyone outside after the inevitable fire alarm.

I had quite the obsession with burlesque style back in first year, hence the questionable gloves and tiny top hat!  My dress was from Jane Norman, it's the only part of this outfit that I still really love.


For my 20th birthday, I had a 1920s prohibition themed party.  Ruaridh took a lot of awesome photos on one of his old film cameras, I love this group shot!

One of the best things about this party was that in second year we lived in a flat with patio doors and an outside space, I really miss that, it was great for having friends over in the spring and summer evenings.  Please pay no attention to Malik ruining this lovely moment by making rude gestures at Sophie!

I loved the Modcloth dress I had for this party, as well as Tetley's trilby and inexplicable stethescope!

Tetley's accessories also included a gun.

Lighting a sky lantern after dark.


For my 21st, I had a Hollywood themed party, which was another excuse for everyone to dress up fancily, or, in Megan's case, as Samuel L. Jackson.

My dress was from Firetrap this year, I remember that it took me ages to find one I liked.  May is probably the worst time ever to try and buy party dresses!

The red carpet made a return for photo opportunities.

Amy and her security team!

Me and Tetley's current flat is pretty small for parties, so we all headed out to Dundee's student union where we acquired a giant rabbit head.

I'll be back next time with my inspiration for this year's party - hopefully it will be the best one yet!


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