Thursday, 17 May 2012

Craft Project: Fish!

One of my decoration ideas for my Enchantment Under the Sea party was to have a wall covered in pictures of fish.  However, putting together enough fish to fill an entire wall seemed like hard work, so I invited a few friends over on the pretence of having a movie night and set up my living room with this:

After raiding my childhood bedroom back in Aberdeen, I was able to put this collection of supplies together almost for free! The only thing I bought was a pack of white card that I cut out into fish shapes.  If you aren't as much of a hoarder as me but want to try a similar project, pound stores and shops like The Works usually have good value craft supplies, or you could use gift wrap or old magazines.

Here are the finished fish!  We didn't count them as we made them but we ended up with 22 - a birthday coincidence!  It's hard to see all the details at this distance so I've taken some close-ups as well:

 A close-up on my fish - top right is Marty McFly. ;)

 This glamourous fish is wearing a false eyelash.

Creepily hanging out with Love Owl and his fish counterpart...

Tetley's collection - Thor fish, Magikarp, the Rainbow Fish, the fish from the movie Help, I'm a Fish (which we watched whilst making the fish, it was bizarre), Flounder from The Little Mermaid (we watched that too!) and Goldeen.  The tiny fish was made after Tetley was accused of having no original ideas!

This is definitely my favourite one of Tetley's creations, did anyone else read The Rainbow Fish as a child?

Tetley with his Pokemons.

Lizzie's very intricately detailed fish!

Lizzie also made this fantastic sign, with colouring help from Laura!  It's an exact replica of the one from Back to the Future.

Ruaridh's creations, complete with a reference to another one of my favourite movies, Jurassic Park!

Finally, here's a close-up on Laura's contributions.

I decided that these fish were clearly designed to promote gay marriage.

In order to feel slightly less guilty about roping my friends into fish-related slave labour, I offered a prize for the best one.  Laura won with her adorable Loki fish (or Lo-koi, as Tetley named him - ba-dum-tish!)

I'm really looking forward to seeing how all the fish look when I put them up on the wall!  Now I feel I should round this post off as I have written the word 'fish' so many times that it has lost all meaning.  I'll be back tomorrow with a Love Letter for you all!



  1. Smarties fish is upside down in the photo which makes me believe he is dead! RIP Smarties fish...

    1. Shhh, I did realise that at the time but the set-up was more photogenic that way :P

  2. haha! what an adorable idea! the fishies are so pretty, and i love the one with all the hearts on it :)

    1. Thanks! :) I liked that one too, it was definitely one of the cuter ones!