Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Birthday Inspiration #3

In my third and penultimate Birthday Inspiration post, I'm going to be sharing some ideas for food, drinks and decorations.  As of last night, I actually already have some pretty fabulous decorations as a consequence of sitting some of my friends down in front of a four square-metre area of craft supplies, scissors and glue, but I think that deserves a post of its own - stay tuned!

Meanwhile, let's take a look at some sea-themed party ideas that are probably way beyond my price range:

While this balloon display doesn't match up to my blue and green colour scheme, it would still be amazing to wake up to on my birthday!  I like how the strings on the balloons look like seaweed.

These blue paper lanterns are possibly a more achievable decoration!

In a swift return to impossible party decor, take a look at these tiles - they're turquoise, shiny and scalloped, what more could a girl want?  I would love to have a wall covered in these for the party!

While my party will definitely not be as elaborate as this extravaganza from The Hostess with the Mostess, I'd definitely like to have a pretty backdrop like the one in the top photo.  Also, those cake pops are probably the best I've ever seen!

The Hostess with the Mostess also has a pretty awesome sea-themed drinks table.  It all looks very sophisticated until you see the straws (or click the link above) and discover that the party is for a child and has a 'Princess Mermaid' theme...  It's nice to know that at nearly 22 I apparently have the same interests as a 4 year old!

The mystery blue drink at the Princess Mermaid party inspired me to hunt down some blue cocktail recipes of my own - this Blue Moon cocktail might be making an appearance in the drinks fountain...

These dessert cocktails from the Modcloth blog sound pretty complicated to make, but I bet they'd be delicious. I love the colour and the little palm tree decorations!

This gorgeous blue cake would provide a perfect cocktail accompaniment!

Finally, I just had to share this adorable poster from etsy seller SDerbyIllustration, it's sadly not in stock at the moment but he has some other pretty awesome movie-related prints for sale!

NEXT TIME on birthday inspiration: fish!


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