Monday, 28 May 2012

Enchantment Under the Sea

Sorry about the few days of silence here on the blog -  it was my birthday party weekend, plus Scotland has apparently been hotter than Spain this past week so I haven't been spending much time in front of my computer...  It's been such a lovely few days, so I'm going to share some photos before heading back outside again!

On the day of my party, my friends from Aberdeen came to stay and we spent the day having lunch and drinks in a beer garden followed by some boy-watching in the park!

I painted my nails in sea-inspired colours for the party. 

I'm not the biggest fan of this photo because I look pretty red in the face after being out in the sun all day, oops!  It does show my whole 50s inspired outfit though which is the most important thing, as well as an in-process shot of the party decorations going up!

The prom king and queen. ;)

We dressed our mannequin Steve as a 'beautiful' mermaid.

Opening my presents - as well as some nice and thoughtful presents, I got these questionable books...  

I made a blue cocktail for the drinks fountain with blue curacao, Caribbean Twist, pineapple and coconut juice and lemonade, it was pretty tasty!  The pineapple is a vintage ice bucket that belongs to my friend Malik.  Here's a few of my favourite pictures from the party, although the quality of my photos did deteriorate somewhat as the night went on!

My flat is way too small to hold 20 people so some of the party moved into the bathroom...

I feel that I should have made a better effort to get a few group shots as most of my photos are of individual people or couples, I need to make that a priority for the next time we're all together.  Hopefully I've managed to capture something of the atmosphere of the night though, I had such a great time and I think everyone looked so lovely in their fancy clothes! We spent the whole day after the party lying in the park which came as quite a welcome rest, I'll leave you with a picture of our giant daisy chain:

I hope everyone else had a lovely weekend too!



  1. I LOVE that you had a theme birthday party, it looks like so much fun! My favorites are your pretty dress, that AMAZING blue drink you made, and of course, the questionable books! That are wrapped in dino wrapping paper nonetheless! Hope you are getting back out there to enjoy the warm weather, happy belated birthday!
    xo Hannah

    1. Thank you! :) It was so weird because two of my friends got me chalkboards, and the owl-shaped one was wrapped in dinosaur paper and the dinosaur-shaped one was wrapped in owl paper, what a coincidence! Either that or my friends just know my interests really well, haha!

  2. Ahh these photos are brilliant! Especially the daisy chain! I used to live in Scotland and I miss it SO much. When I was looking at these photos I was laughing to myself about how hard it is for me to understand drunk Scottish people! Aww I love it <3

    1. I'm Scottish and even I can't understand drunk Scottish people, the accent quickly becomes pretty horrible-sounding on a night out! Which part of Scotland did you live in?

    2. I lived in Edinburgh :) My visa ran out and I had to come home! Such a beautiful city x

    3. Aww that's lovely, Edinburgh is my favourite Scottish city! My sisters and brother live there so I'll probably do some posts about it at some point!