Friday, 25 May 2012

Safari Park!

Yesterday, Tetley and I took a trip to Blairdrummond Safari Park with our friend Homer.  I'd been to the safari park last year with the Brownie Guides group I help out at, but it was pretty rainy that day, so this time was much better as the weather was glorious and all the animals were out and about!  I spent most of my time screaming about how cute the animals were and taking an embarassing amount of photos, so I thought I'd share my favourites on here!

 When we arrived, the elephants were being led across the road into their enclosure right in front of our car, I like how this one looks like he's waving with his trunk!

We saw a fantastic sealion show, the sealion on the platform dived down into the water and jumped up out of it to hit the ball.

 Here they are balancing balls on their noses. Apparently sealions can control their whiskers like little fingers to make this easier to do, not sure whether that's creepy or awesome!

We were jealous of this guy's amazing-looking pool - it was so hot!

A little heap of meerkats.  We felt sorry for the meerkats because literally everyone who looked at them was quoting the meerkats from that annoying Compare the Market advert, I bet the meerkats get sick of hearing that...

The only penguin who was out and about on such a hot day!

Two little otter buddies!  I think they were due to be fed because they came over really close to us and kept making the cutest noises.

I love this one's expression!

This was probably meant for children but it didn't stop Tetley and Homer.

There was a little farm area where you could feed the animals where I fed this massive pig.  I felt sorry for him because everyone else was favouring the 'cuter' animals, but feeding him was quite a bristly and slobbery experience! :(

I love how Homer is apparently really astonished by this donkey.

The boys were a bit scared of this big horse, so I fed him for the same reason that I fed the pig, I should probably stop feeling sorry for these animals as presumably they have grass and other food as well to eat!

This baby goat was so adorable, he was so small that I could literally have put him into my handbag and taken him home!

Tetley posing in front of our future stately home and future pet.

This giant tortoise was walking past the lemur enclosure and they were either very excited or very scared, they kept running over to get a look at it and then running away!

I've saved my favourite animal for last, this adorable bear cub.  I was excited to see him before we even got to the park because 1. bears are awesome, and 2. we discovered on Blairdrummond's website that his name was Loki!  So cute!

Sadly I wasn't able to get great photos of Loki as he was quite far away from his enclosure's viewing platform, plus there was hardly a moment when he wasn't running about!  He was chasing his mum around and play fighting with her, it was pretty amazing to watch.

I'll finish up with this photo of Loki on a log - his mum was swimming around but he seemed a bit more wary of the water!

If anyone lives in or is visiting Scotland, I'd really recommend Blairdrummond. It would be even better for people with children as there's lots of fairground rides and a huge playground as well!


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