Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Thrifted Finds: Tiny Charm House

Yesterday was a pretty sad day for me - it started off well with summery weather and a trip to the beach, but when we got home I discovered that my camera was broken.  The screen still works but I think sand has got inside the lens because it won't focus or go back in to the camera - sad times!  Until I can attempt to fix it/get a new camera, I'll be using Tetley's old digital camera which I tested out today on these Thrifted Finds photos:

I'm not sure what the official name for these little display cases are.  My friend Laura once referred to my other one as a 'Charm House' though, which I think is a pretty adorable name, so we'll go with that!  I picked this charm house up at a bootsale a couple of weeks ago, and I'm looking forward to the challenge of finding cute things to fill it with - my other charm house which I'll probably share here soon has much bigger compartments so I feel that it'll be difficult to find ornaments that are small enough to fit!

One of the only ornaments I have that's the right size for the tiny charm house is this little owl, I think he looks perfect reading his book in the house's roof compartment!

I picked up this round owl in a charity shop in Perth the other day, I love his cute little feet!

At the moment, the house is also being used to store broken jewellery, like this swallow brooch, so I don't lose any parts before I eventually get round to fixing it.  Instead of ornaments, the house could be used to display pretty brooches and rings, seems like a pretty good excuse to start expanding my collection...

At the same bootsale stall, there was an even tinier charm house that I didn't buy with 'Thimbleville' written on its roof.  While that was pretty cute, I think that thimbles would have practically been the only items small enough to fit into its compartments. Although I've already embraced old lady decor in my flat to quite a scary extent, I feel that starting a thimble collection might be taking it a bit too far!

Do you have any cute display cases for your collections?



  1. I would cry if my camera broke! It holds my entire life.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. Super cuteness, luv it <3