Friday, 4 May 2012

Thrifted Finds: Badge Collection

One of my favourite things to look for at boot sales is badges.  As I've mentioned, I love items that have a story behind them, and badges are one of the best examples of this.  In the 80s and 90s (before health and safety decided that pins were deadly dangerous to children) badges seem to have been given out as free gifts in basically any situation, resulting in some funny and some bizarre creations.

Another obvious benefit of buying badges is that they're one of the cheapest vintage items you can buy, meaning that it's easy to start a collection.

My badges are currently stored in this cute box, along with a ton of sequins that I unfortunately forgot about until I tipped the contents of the box all over my table.  I'm hoping to pick up some more badges this boot sale season so I have enough to use for a craft project that would let me display them all, I have a few ideas in mind!

It was difficult to pick favourites, but I managed to narrow it down to the ones above.  I absolutely adore the colour schemes of 'Summertime Special' and 'Pop into your library,' they're so pretty!  I love that the teenage mutant ninja turtles were once used to advertise low fat yoghurt, the writing at the top says 'no bits, dude!'  Also bizarre and 80s are 'shaky all over' and 'bejam we're hot,' does anyone have any idea what they're in reference to?

I won't be doing a Love Letter post this week as my internet has been really dodgy and hasn't been loading a lot of sites.  I'll do an extra special one next week to make up for it though!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,


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