Friday, 18 May 2012

Love Letter #5

Hello lovelies!  I'm off out tonight but here's a quick Love Letter post while I wait for my friends to arrive for drinks! :)

I absolutely adore this photo of these 70s girls - the outfits are perfect and it's nice to see a fashion photo where people look like they're having a good time instead of moodily posing!

Stef and Erin of Oh So Lovely Vintage's amazing photos of their trip to Bali have got me longing for a holiday in the sun!

I recently discovered the tumblr site 1950s Unlimited and I am slightly obsessed, they have the best collection of cute vintage illustrations and hilarious retro ads I've ever seen!  This sassily posing spaceman is from a 1960s children's book by Irene Zachs called 'Space Alphabet.'

This is another gem from 1950s Unlimited, can I go to a fancy tupperware party please?

One last image from 1950s Unlimited!  This one made me laugh, it's part of a series called 'When Children Start Dating.'

Moving on to something more modern now!  These cheese pencils and sharpener set from The Deli Garage are such a great idea, what a fun way to get fancy cheese shavings on your salad.

Loving these Ghostbusters posters by Andrew Kolb, that's some pretty smart design.
Even though it's barely summer, I'm super excited to see Dear Creatures' Autumn/Winter lookbook after the sneak peek on Delightfully Tacky - this look is my absolute favourite!

The Princess and the Frog is one of my favourite Disney movies, and I especially love the stylised animation during the 'Almost There' song, so these illustrations by Petite Tiaras pretty much made my day!

Finally, although I'm not American, this poster makes me very happy - I love you, Obama!

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a lovely weekend!