Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Love Letter #4

Here's an extra long post of lovely things to make up for the one I missed last week!

A bonus picture to my last post about 50s attire. Phones, dresses and even adverts were so much more stylish back then!

I've been loving the recent series of posts on A Beautiful Mess about keeping plants in your home. I've tried and failed to keep plants many times, but I feel that I might have less chance of killing these pretty succulents!

Even more Avengers fanart?  Oops, how did that end up on here....

These are probably the most fantastic cookies I've ever seen!  Apparently I am unable to follow simple photographic instructions though as I spent ages staring at the site trying to work out how the chocolate doesn't melt while the cookies are baking...

I discovered Genevieve Godbout a while ago via the Modcloth blog, but her gorgeous illustrations have been making their rounds on Tumblr again lately.  The best part is that all her cute ladies are wearing real dresses, from designers like Audrey Grace and Orla Kiely!

In other amazing art, check out these 1960s visions of homes of the future - I think this one might be my dream house!

These adorable hand-crafted bookends from etsy seller Graphic Spaces would be perfect for a child's (or my) bookshelf!

Also for the kids, look at Betty Crafter's fantastic estate sale score.  This little kitchen is from the 50s but still in amazing condition, and is another child's toy I secretly want for myself...

I am currently obsessed with Dave Perillo's art, I love his gorgeous retro style!  This Muppet Show poster is my favourite, though an honourable mention has to go to this adorable contribution to the Avengers bandwagon...

So I just finished reading the infamous Storm of Swords, the third book of the A Song of Ice and Fire series... This picture doesn't even begin to sum up my feelings!  (Pro tip: do not get attached to any character because THEY WILL DIE, haha)

In an attempt to end this post on a sexier note, have a black and white picture of Tom Hiddleston (aka Loki) hanging out with a bird.

I'll be heading up to Aberdeen tomorrow so I won't be posting anything for a couple of days, I have a few fun posts planned for my return though!

A bientôt!



  1. Those bookends are so cute and perfect!!

    Echo Reflecting

  2. Yeah I know, if I was to buy a pair though I have no idea which ones I'd choose!

  3. I love the beautiful mess plant series too! I have five little plant babies and it is a constant struggle keeping them alive! As for the pinata cookies, those are AMAZING! I completely understand your awe over the chocolate not melting?!? Uhm, what! I am on the fourth book of the Game of Throne series, so good, but seriously, people need to stop dying! Happy friday!
    xo Hannah

  4. At the source image for the cookies there are some process shots, turns out you stick two cookies together and put the chocolate inside after they have baked, it still took me ages to work it out though despite seeing that... I get way too attached to fictional characters so Game of Thrones has been quite a dramatic experience!