Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Where are you, summer?

Here in Scotland, we've had a couple of really sunny weeks so far this year, but since about May it's been relentlessly cold and rainy.  I'm so jealous of all the American bloggers I follow posting pictures of themselves having fun outdoors - I've definitely been living vicariously through you guys these past few weeks!  All I want is just a few sunny days before I have to go back to Uni in September... I want to

spend a day at the beach...

host an outdoor movie night...

wear a pretty sundress...

go on a camping trip...

cook some delicious food outdoors...

..and accompany it with a cocktail or two!

pick up some vintage gems at the car boot sale...

have a picnic in the park...

go on an adventure...

The last part of my wishlist is actually going to happen in the next few days - I have some time off work and I'll be having my first night out in Glasgow, then I'm heading off to Helensburgh to stay at Laura's for her birthday weekend.  Even if the weather is less than summery I'm sure we'll all have a great time, I'm so excited!  Hope everybody else has a fantastic weekend too! :)



  1. On my last post I had a blogger write that they were under a pile of blankets in bed and were still cold, and I actually got jealous of that! I do think I would rather have warm sun all the time than rain, but its been too hot here to even do much outside most of this summer! 100 degrees is really only nice if you are in air conditioning!

    Either way, I love all of these inpsiration pictures they're so fun and whimsical! Have fun on your adventure & I am wishing you some sunshine and warmth!

    1. Awww that sucks, I wish we could all just get weather that's somewhere in between! Thank you! :)

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  3. It is ridiculous isn't it?
    The outdoor movie night looks amazing - I want to be there!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  4. I am not happy with all these Americans going outdoors!