Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Glasgow Adventures: Part Two

Today I'm going to share some pictures from the second half of my Glasgow trip, which I spent staying at my friend Laura's house in Helensburgh.  Going to stay at Laura's for her birthday party has become quite a tradition for my group of friends, and this year was especially good because Laura's parents were on holiday so we had her huge house to ourselves for the weekend! 

Incredibly enough for this dubious summer, the day of the party was really warm and sunny, so we started the evening with some drinks on Laura's balcony, which looks out over the river Clyde.

The sunny weather gave me the perfect occasion to wear my new dress from Tokyo Doll at New Look!

We also spent some time in Laura's garden, which has a little stream and some woods at the back - perfect for exploring.

Laura wanted her party to have a fancy dress theme, and we all agreed she should win the prize for best costume with her awesome handmade TARDIS dress!

Laura posing with our celebrity party guest, David Tennant.

Ruaridh and I both have mannequins in our respective flats so we decided to dress as them.  My mannequin is a pretty baroque-patterned dress form that has acquired several ridiculous accessories over the years like its Iron Man mask; while Ruaridh's flat's mannequin was one of the creepily realistic lady ones which his flatmates decorated with Armourons and fishnet tights.  I had to take off my mask after about ten minutes so I could talk to people without terrifying them, but Ruaridh continued to work his nail polish and lady underwear look all night!

Unfortunately Ruaridh and I were beaten in the creepy costume stakes by Homer's green Morph Suit - like me, he didn't keep the mask on for long which is probably a good thing! :(

Tetley decided to keep the Enchantment Under the Sea theme I had for my birthday going with his 'Batman under the sea' ensemble.  I'll leave you with a couple of my favourite pictures from the party:

Laura's birthday card from Rachel, welcoming her to 'the autumn of her life...'

Laura and her brothers, as Wolverine and Indiana Jones...

Lizzie, aka Peter Parker, lending me her jacket like a gentleman...

Will's adorable Dinosaur Office costume...

Unusual party food dispensers...

Probably my most impressive Busted jump picture...

Laura's homemade cake!

Like with my birthday, the rest of the photos after this point descend into drunken nonsense, but I'm glad I did manage to get a few nice ones of us all!

Do you enjoy fancy dress themed parties?  What's been your favourite costume? :)



  1. Ahh, what a fun themed party! And that cake is so cute--can't believe it's homemade! The little star cut outs are too pretty.

    The last time I was at a themed party I remember it being pretty fun. We all dressed up from the 1920's. :D

  2. Yeah Laura is pretty great at baking, this is her cake blog:

    I had a 1920s themed party once too, it's one of my favourite decades for fashion! :)

  3. Hihih, these pictures are pure awesome, the costumes are super fabulous and the cake looks extremely yummy ^^!
    I should hold one of these with my friends asap c:

    xo, L

    1. Thank you! :) You should do, any excuse to dress up is always fun!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Could definitely go for drinks on a balcony right now.. Loving your red floral dress too! :)

    1. Balconies officially making drinking 100% more classy, one day when I have my own house I might have to invest!

  5. Love your red dress. It's so pretty. Your friends tardis dress is fantastic.

    1. Thank you! :) The tardis was the first thing Laura had ever sewed so we were all super impressed!

  6. i love dressing up!!! These photos look like so much fun!


    love, polly

  7. Ahah ! Super fun ! :D

    xo ,
    Ana Catalarrana