Friday, 27 July 2012

Swimwear Wishlist

As I've decided to do postgraduate study instead of getting a Real Person Job, I don't have much money right now, which means I can't afford many nice things like holidays in the sun or fancy new clothes.  However, that doesn't stop me pretending, which is why I've made up this list of my dream swimwear - it's probably the closest I'll get to lounging on a beach right now!

First up, this swimsuit by Mara Hoffman is crazily awesome, look at all those fun animals!

I love the flowery print and the little scalloped ruffles on this suit from Frostfrench.

It was difficult to pick a favourite from Modcloth's swimwear collection, but I think this suit with its amazing retro-style print of sailor ladies has the edge over the rest!

For a more classic look, I also adore this Modcloth swimsuit, the pastel colours remind me of ice cream.

The colour scheme on this suit from Anthropologie is also lovely - simple yet very striking!

I love the button belt on this pretty green swimsuit from Princesse Tam Tam.

50s style swimwear will probably always be my absolute favourite, like this gorgeous polka-dot suit from For Luna - they have it in red and white too!

On the other hand, 70s style can also be pretty fun, though this Bond girl-esque bikini from Jessika Allen is probably a bit too crazy to fit in with my usual style!

Finally, how adorable is this ladybird suit from Moschino?

While I may not be heading off to get some sun any time soon, Dundee is getting a fancy new swimming pool this September, so perhaps I can use that as an excuse to invest in one of these pretty suits!



  1. the second swimsuit is so so soooo cute! :)

    love, polly :D

  2. I would wear that Jessica Allen suit all day long - luscious it is!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  3. Nice picks!

  4. Woah that ladybird swimsuit is so awesome! I want!