Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Glasgow Adventures: Part One

Hello!  I feel like I should apologise again for the break in blogging, except this time I have a much more fun excuse than dodgy internet - I'm just back from a pretty amazing little holiday in Glasgow!  My friends and I go through to Helensburgh (a small town near Glasgow) every year to stay with our friend Laura and celebrate her birthday, but this time a few of us decided to combine the trip with some Glasgow fun.

On our first day, we spent the afternoon visiting a few pubs in Glasgow.  We started off at a knockoff Hard Rock Cafe called the Solid Rock Cafe which had this fun mural of 80s characters outside:

I think the creepy Chuckle Brothers are my favourite part!  We also spent a while in Monorail, which is a record store with a cafe and a bar that serves homebrewed drinks from these huge kegs:

Monorail also has board games for you to play while having some drinks, so we had a few rounds of Balderdash which Ruaridh won due to being the world's greatest bullshitter!

For dinner, we went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, which was probably a bad idea for an impulsive person like Homer who takes 'all-you-can-eat' as a personal challenge...  He did finish this ridiculous plate of food though, plus two others!  After a few drinks at Homer's flat, we went to a shots bar and then spent most of the night at a club called Flat 0/1:

I took this picture from Flat 0/1's website to give some idea of the decor, since my flash photography on the night really didn't do it justice - the club has been made to look like a kitschy, studenty flat with old beat-up sofas, mismatched wallpaper and awesome crewel embroidered pictures on the walls.  I wanted to steal so many things for my own flat, especially the swingy chairs that were made from two halves of an old bathtub:

Another item that wouldn't look out of place in my collection of old lady-esque wall art was this fantastic picture:

Fun decor aside, Flat 0/1 was also enjoyable because we happened to go on an 80s night - the music was great, plus Back to the Future was playing on a big screen, clearly it was meant to be!

Probably the only picture of the night in which I look relatively normal and am not screaming song lyrics/Back to the Future quotes.

Although Laura didn't come out with us, we managed to persuade her brother Ian to join us as he lives in Glasgow.  Unfortunately, Ian is a grown-up with a real job and we managed to make him two hours late for work the next day, despite him and Tetley napping on Flat 0/1's bed!

The next day, we went to the park, where we saw a Lion of Justice, some moorhen babies and a love lock:


We also popped in to the Kelvingrove Museum to visit our old terrifying friend, Megaloceros:

Megaloceros used to live in Scotland and although the picture doesn't do it justice, it's about three metres tall with antlers big enough to use as hammocks.  The past was a scary place!

I'm going to save Laura's party for another post as I feel that I've already rambled on about far too many different things, except many terrifying costumes to come...  I also have an extra special Thrifted Finds post planned, stay tuned!

Hope everyone else had a super fun weekend - what did you get up to?



  1. oh my goodness! that skeleton is astonishing! I wish I could see it in person, too! Thank you for your comment about the clothing I made.... It took so long :) I appreciate your kind words :)

    love, polly

    1. You really do have to see it in real life to appreciate the terror!

      You're welcome, I'm always really amazed when people can make their own clothes, it's a skill I wish I had myself!