Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Thrifted Finds: Owl Collection

Way back in April when this blog began, one of my first ever posts was about my deer collection.  Now, almost four months on, I've finally got round to sharing what is probably my favourite thing to collect - owls!

I know that these days owls have become a bit of a cliche and that you can barely go into any clothes store or gift shop without seeing something owl-related.  However, as much as I hate being that guy, I'm going to assure you that I liked owls 'before they were cool' - they've always been my favourite animal!  If you're unsure about the awesomeness of owls, you should watch this video right now as it's guaranteed to convert you:

(this is my first time posting a video, fingers crossed that it works!)

The first addition to my owl collection was this amazing cushion from Sass and Belle, which was a gift from my sister.

If you're from the UK, I'm sure you'll have seen these owls before as they seem to be popping up in gift shops everywhere.  Tetley and I recently added a fourth owl to our cushion collection, the tartan one in the picture below.  Tetley actually picked out and bought this owl for himself, clearly I am a bad influence on him!

While these owls are cute, I have slightly gone against the thrifting theme of this post to include them, although since two of them were gifts I feel that it sort of counts!  My flat is also full of owls that I actually have thrifted though: these ornaments are only a small selection from my slightly crazy collection:

I'll leave you with one final non-thrifted item, my perpetual calendar from Sukie - can you spot the owl?

I won't be updating for a few days as me and Tetley are taking a mini-break to Whitby, a cute little English seaside town where Tetley grew up.  Hopefully we'll get some sunshine so we can make it a proper retro summer holiday!  See you all next week, 



  1. These are too cute! I love the pillows, a store next to my work sells them and I always am very tempted to get one! Enjoy your seaside holiday, that sounds fabulous!
    xo Hannah

    1. Oh wow, I didn't know sass and belle had made it that far! I am always tempted to buy more and more because they're always bringing out new designs, it is bad for my bank balance!

  2. Ah! I love owls! You have such a lovely collection! I love love love the pillows!

    1. Thank you! :) Sass and Belle do have so much lovely stuff!

  3. these are all soooo cute!!!! I love them :) Owls make me so happy!

    love, polly

  4. Enjoy your trip to Whitby and its a very cutie pie collection actually!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  5. Oh those are so cute! I'm in love with owls as well :)