Saturday, 9 June 2012

Thrifted Finds: Kitschy Mugs

Unless you're completely new to this blog, you'll probably have realised that I'm a bit of a compulsive collector.  Most of my collections have very little purpose other than to make my home look pretty (or cluttered and tacky, depending on your opinion...), but today I'm going to share a collection of objects that are actually pretty useful - mugs!

While three mugs isn't much of a collection, I am pretty picky about what I buy and only thrift mugs that are extra retro and/or kitsch!  I'm hoping to add a few more to my collection from this summer's bootsales.

I picked up this mug in a charity shop and I love it because it's so bizarre, I'm not sure why anyone would make a mug proclaiming love for bowls.  Ruaridh and I got a matching pair and the lady on the till thought we were a couple, she told us 'You may be sweet now, but you'll be throwing them at each other in 20 years' time!' It was a bit of an odd experience...

 This mug is pretty special to me as I was a Brownie Guide as a child and now I'm a leader with a Brownie group. I've sadly never seen a Brownie uniform as stylish as these 70s dresses though, I'm loving the little neckties!  I bought this mug from a lady at a bootsale and when I told her about my Brownie group she gave me a Brownies teddy bear for free to give to the girls, she was so sweet!

I picked this mug up in a charity shop in St Andrews, I love its amazing 90s design and the fact that it represents Jurassic Park, one of my all-time favourite movies!  I feel that the tackiness is enhanced by it being a specific promotional item for The Lost World, which is easily the most ridiculous and silly movie in the series (so far!).  The only way this mug could be better is if it had Jeff Goldblum's face on it.

Do you have any kitschy crockery or do prefer to have matching sets of mugs?



  1. That brownie mug is AMAZING! I am also a pretty huge Jurassic Park fan, so the Lost World one is pretty awesome too! I wish I had more space for collections, but with my vintage shop run out of my bedroom and a shared house with two other girls, I have ZERO space!

    Thank you for the tea drinking tip too! I am totally going to try to drink some tea when I get home instead of pigging out straightaway!

    1. Awww I know how you feel, my flat is way too small for all the junk I fill it with, I'm probably going to have to have a big clearout sometime soon!

      I actually meant tea as in my evening meal, that's what most people call it in Scotland and I forget it's confusing! I guess having a cup of tea would probably work too though :D

  2. Haha...the I love bowls mug made me laugh because for a second I didn't see the bowler and thought it was referring to bowls as in plates and thought it was some sort of crockery irony writing that on a mug! Anyway! I love your mini kitschy mugs are currently more on the matchy side but they now seem rather boring in comparison to your eclectic ones :)

    1. Yeah that's what I thought too when I first saw it, it really adds to its stupid appeal though I think!