Monday, 18 June 2012

Stonehaven Photoshoot

A few days ago, I did another photoshoot with my photographer friend Laura.  This time, we took the bus out to Stonehaven, a very old-fashioned and picturesque Scottish fishing village.  Although we only had a window of about an hour to actually take the photos because of the limited bus services, Laura managed to do a great job and get some amazing shots.

The lovely Hannah was also modelling, she's such a pro compared to me!

Luckily, you can't tell that I am freezing cold and shivering in all of these photos - wearing a thin dress and no shoes in the evening in Scotland is rarely a good plan!

For the shoot, we worked with a makeup artist who's also called Hannah, of Hannah Paints Faces.  We were sat on a wall getting our makeup done while a group of kayakers were preparing to go out for a lesson right next to us, we got a few funny looks!

I think this one is my favourite, I love how the rocks and the sea look in the background.  Blogger is being temperamental today and not letting me resize the photos without them getting blurry, so click to see them bigger or have a look at Laura's photography's Facebook page!

This shoot was so much fun to do, I can't wait to do some more with Laura soon!