Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dress Crush: Yumi

On one of my Love Letter posts a while back, I shared this pretty apple-print dress from Modcloth:

While I do love the dress, $89.99 plus postage to the UK is a bit out of my student budget.  However, when I read the product description on the dress, I realised it was actually from a UK-based company called Yumi.  After having a browse through Yumi's site, I quickly fell in love with their dresses - so many 50s and 60s shapes, cute collars, and adorable prints!  As well as the apple dress above, these five really caught my eye:

All these dresses are priced around £40, and for orders over £20 from Yumi, postage in the UK is free!  As much as I love Modcloth and other US-based clothing websites, I've now realised it's always worth checking if the stockists are closer to your home if you want to save some money!

Which dress is your favourite?



  1. The yellow dress is definitely my favourite it is so adorable!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

    1. Yeah I think I might like that one best too, love the little cars!

  2. Excellent detective work :) I'm really surprised that Modcloth stock Yumi brand dresses - I thought that all their clothes were their own unique brand. I often spot lovely things on Modcloth or Ruche but between postage and import VAT it's just too costly. Some gorgeous more attainable picks here though - I particularly love the blue daisy print dress!

    1. When you hover the mouse over 'Clothing' on Modcloth's site they have a link called 'Shop our designers' which lets you see all the stuff that isn't their own brand!

  3. That's really good advice! I love all your picks but that little yellow number with the pan collar is SO CUTE!
    Happy Friday! :)