Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Thrifted Finds: Deer Collection

As all my friends and probably anyone who follows me on Facebook could tell you, I really love owls, so much so that my friend Bradley often refers to me as a 'crazy owl lady' (not quite sure how I feel about that...) and threatens to get me a real live owl for my birthday (yes please!)

However, while I enjoy adding to my collection of owl-related memorabilia, I have a few other more accidental collections that I also love.  I'm going to share my deer collection with you today, and while it's not as impressive as some I've seen on other blogs such as this insane collection from Kaylah of The Dainty Squid, I always enjoy looking out for new members for my little deer family.

These were the first deer I ever bought, years and years ago at an antiques street fair in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh.  This was way back before I knew anything whatsoever about vintage items, but my sister Mairi persuaded me that they were a good purchase - thanks Mairi!  The deer are promotional items for the very 60s drink Babycham. Babycham was the only alcohol I was ever allowed as a child and drinking it made me feel like quite the badass which in retrospect is really embarassing!

I bought this ceramic cutie at a boot sale last year for only 50p!  I'm not sure if he has a brand but my Mum collects green ceramic animals so I'm pretty fond of them, also I love his big ears!

This teeny little Bambi came home with me from the same bootsale as the green deer.  He's part of the Disney collectibles range from Wade Whimsies.  The seller had lots of others, including Peg from Lady and the Tramp who I really wanted to buy, but Bambi was a pound while the others were around the £20 mark which is a bit out of my price range!

This tiny glass deer (who was impossible to get a decent photo of - I tried!) was a gift from Ruaridh, I think he found it in a charity shop in St. Andrews.

I can't even look at this guy without laughing, he just looks so worried!  I found him being concerned for his wellbeing in amongst a box of vintage Christmas baubles at a boot sale.  He was meant to go away with the rest of my Christmas decorations, but I felt that that would be too heartless so he's still sitting on top of my drawers (I should probably stop giving so much personality to inanimate objects...)

This is my most recent deer-related acquisition, it's part of the Hornsea Pottery range called 'Fauna Royal,' featuring cute animal planters.  I'm not sure if I should actually attempt to put a plant in here as there's no hole in the bottom, might use it for holding pens instead!

Finally, it's not vintage but I couldn't resist adding my toothbrush deer from Modcloth, the perfect bathroom accessory!

Do you have any collections of things you love?


  1. All of these are amazing finds! I love deer and little woodland creatures, they make any little area extra cute and special! Had to click on your blog when I saw the name Dinosaur Circus! Haha love it! hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

  2. Aww thank you, I can never resist buying cute creatures whenever I see them! Just checked out your blog, your pictures are all so lovely :)
    Faye x