Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Love Letter #2

Hey guys, it's time for this week's wrap-up of awesome things from the internet!

I've always felt that pinterest can be a bit generic, with everyone seeming to pin the same stuff...  Till I discovered Kevin and Robin's account, The Atomic House.  I could probably spend days browsing though all their pretty things, but my favourite board is probably the Retro Futurism themed one which features delights like this awesome monorail!

This gorgeous midcentury dressing table is another one of the Atomic House's offerings, mmmmmm :)

In other exciting news, Doctor Who has started filming again!  It's been fun to see everyone from the US going crazy on Tumblr over Matt, Karen and Arthur being in New York. (Also, can we all have a moment of appreciation for Karen Gillan's jumper in this picture - want!)

I can't handle Orla Kiely's new SS12 line, everything is just too pretty!  My favourite pieces are tied between these three dresses though, now I just need a spare few hundred pounds...

Obviously I can't talk about pretty dresses without finding some fun accessories to match, and Frozen Peas' jewellery range is just my style, look at this leather horse!

Returning to Tumblr finds, I was possibly far too excited by this coin - it has a dinosaur plus it GLOWS IN THE DARK!  Canada is clearly the coolest place to live.

My favourite find of the week is probably this battery-powered DeLorean, found via I'm Remembering.  I'm sure my childhood (and adulthood, I'm not going to lie!) would have been significantly more badass if I'd been able to get my hands on this, wow.

Finally, what note could be better to end on than this picture of Andrew Garfield looking angry on a carousel!

I just realised that there has been quite the geeky theme running throughout most of this post, sorry about that!  Next week I'll try to have some more awesome vintage finds to display.  Until next time,



  1. love dr.who although i still miss david tennant :( personal preference, hes my fav dr :) and i too am in love with the orange and white Orla dress.... sooo pretty!!

  2. Yeah, David Tennant was the first doctor I ever watched, he will always have a place in my heart!