Monday, 13 August 2012

Trip to Whitby

Hello everyone!  Again, I'm sorry for the hiatus in posting - the problem with my photo editing software was more complicated than I thought, so I'm currently trying out a few programs to find a new place where I can sort all my pictures out!  Do you have any recommendations?  Preferably free programs as I am skint!

Although my pictures probably won't look the best (not that they ever have with my pathetic wee camera!) I thought I'd go ahead and share some pictures from me and Tetley's trip to Whitby last week.  In Scotland, it's basically been grey and rainy all summer, but almost as soon as we crossed the border into England it became gloriously sunny and it stayed that way for the whole time we were there - can you guys send some sunshine up to us please?

Whitby is one of the prettiest places I've been to, it's a very traditional English seaside town full of cobbled streets, red roofed houses and cute little old-fashioned shops.  Tetley always makes fun of how much I like it, but I think since he grew up there he's become a bit jaded!  In the background of this photo you can see Whitby Abbey, which gave Bram Stoker the inspiration to write Dracula.  Whitby actually has a Dracula-related museum which is one of the most hilarious attractions I've ever been to, it has so many terrible voiceovers and 80s animatronics...

Whitby is also famous for its connections to Captain Cook, his statue is almost always accessorised with a stylish seagull hat.

Tetley and I spent the first day of our trip wandering around the town and going to the shops and markets.

As well as pretty things, we came across some things in our travels that were a bit more bizarre...

After a couple of days of relaxing in Whitby, we took a trip to York.  It was probably a bad idea to go on a Saturday - York has pretty narrow streets and the town was totally packed, mainly with a combination of tourists and what seemed to be a bizarrely large amount of hen parties, at least I assume that's what was going on as there were huge packs of women in sexy nurse/cat/disney princess costumes everywhere, we even saw a group of about 40 of them on their own bus!  We managed to find some quieter areas down by the river and by the cathedral though, and also managed to fit in a trip round all the charity shops - we're basically old people at heart!

Before we went home, we had just enough time to visit Whitby's car boot sale.  My friend Ruaridh and I always wish that we could travel back in time to buy a ton of vintage stuff at past bootsales before it became popular, and at this bootsale our wish came true since Whitby is still about in the 90s in terms of modernisation...  Tetley and I both managed to score loads of amazing finds, but I think they deserve a post of their own, stay tuned!  I'll leave you with this picture of the bootsale's adorable ice cream van:

I hope everyone had a great weekend - did you go anywhere nice?



  1. How cute! The town of Whitby looks amazing! Like the perfect little English seaside village I'd love to visit!
    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I can't wait to see what treasures you found!
    Erica :)

    1. Yeah it's so lovely, I'd love to visit more English villages though since Yorkshire is really the only place I've been to!

  2. Whitby is right near where I live, yay!! In fact you probably went right past my house when travelling from Whitby to York! You must have been lucky with the weather though because we haven't seen much like that =D
    Weirdly I've never been to the car boot sale there, I think I'll definitely have to go now - excited to see your finds from it =D

    1. I've only been to the bootsale in Whitby twice but both times I've managed to get a good haul, if you live near there you should give it a try! :)

  3. Love the last photo, Faye :) Awesome! x

    1. I liked that they offer 'free dracula blood' on their ice creams!