Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Thrifted Finds: Whitby

While this is totally unrelated to the topic of this post, I just have to start off by saying that I've finally found out that I've got the scholarship I wanted for my postgrad - I assumed I was going to be skint all year, so this is the best news ever!  The worst part was that I was on a computer in the library when I found out and started to cry, awkward times...  These next two weeks until I start back at uni can't go fast enough!

In other news, I've finally got round to taking some pictures of my amazing Whitby bootsale haul.  Some of the things I found might only appeal to me, but I thought I'd share anyway in case there's any other nerdy 90s kids out there!

My bootsale finds assembled!  I also got an orange tupperware dish which I forgot to include in the picture, that and the tupperware salad spinner in the background are presents for my sister Mairi.

Possibly my favourite find was this annual, I don't usually look through boxes of annuals at bootsales but I'm really glad I checked out this one!  The annual is from the 50s and has loads of amazing retro-futuristic illustrations, I'm not sure whether to keep it as it is or use it for some kind of craft project.

Here are some of my favourite pages, I especially like the dog saying 'Yark Yark!'

Continuing with the geeky theme, Tetley and I got a good few pokemon toys - the Snorlax plushie and the pokedex are Tetley's but the rest are mine!

For my charm house, I found this slightly odd truthful horse and another couple of owls...

I also picked up some animals for my mini charm house - you can't tell in the photo, but these are all only about an inch tall, they're super cute!

This Aladdin mug is another very 90s find to go with my retro mugs collection, when you put hot water into it the genie appears.

Last Christmas, Ruaridh and I made wreaths from kitsch Christmas ornaments, so I picked these up to make another one with this year!

Finally, I managed to make a massive addition to my badge collection.  I think the ones in the photo directly above are my favourites, loving that ice cream pun!

What's your favourite things to look out for at car bootsales or thrift stores?



  1. wow those are some great finds!!!! I love the buttons :)

    great blog btw


  2. Well done on the scholarship!! A couple of my friends got scholarships to do their Masters and PhD's so I know how important it is. Well done :D

    1. Thanks! It really does make a difference, I'm so glad I'm not going to be poor all year! :)

  3. You made out like a bandit! :)
    Congratulations on your scholarship, that is such good news!
    Hope you are having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

    1. Haha I'm totally going to start saying that now! Thank you :)

  4. Ooh I love badges! I had so many in my teens when I went through my punk phase, but now I can't find any! Congrats on the scholarship too x

    1. Thank you! :) Badges are pretty hard to find - I got most of mine except these new ones from one guy at a car bootsale who was selling an awesome collection though, so keep looking!

  5. love the Aladdin mug, where did you buy it. Thanks